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My Survey!!!



* Survey *

Name: Stephanie
Age: 17
Sex: female
Date of birth: 3/6/86

How long have you been a fan of Christina: from the begining, when she first came out with "Genie in a Bottle".
What do you like the most about her: She has unbelievable talent. Other artists out there, are only as famous as they are because of their sex appeal, and while Xtina is a beautiful woman, she also has an amazing voice. I also love her because she is honest. Nothing gets to me more then stars who are "fake". Xtina is herself and she doesn't care if people don't like her, shes for real.
Whats your favourite song and why: "Walk Away". I think that song is so beautiful, and so soulful. And although I am in a happy relationship with my boyfriend I have now, I wasn't always so happy. I was once in love, had my heart broken..and I just couldn't "walk away".
Whats your favourite video and why: Definatley dirrty! She gets to totally go crazy and express herself in that video..and she looks hott as hell....she def inspires me in that video too <333
How many of her singles have you brought and what ones: I have "Genie in a Bottle", "What a Girl Wants" and "Nobody Wants to be Lonely"
How many of her albums do you have: 3
What ones: Her first one, my kind of christmas, and stripped.
Have you heard her new song, Somebody's Somebody: Yes...I love it

How many posters do you have of her: oh god, tons lol
Have you got any Christina merchandise: mostley magazines, i cant find her merchandise anywhere in stores :(
How do you as a person relate to her music: I can relate to every song on her "stripped" album. It is like her life...her singing of her ups and downs..and I can relate to each and everyone of them,
Have you ever seen her live: Yea, I saw her at the kiss108 concert years back
If so how many times:once

Are you a Christina and Britney fan: Hell no, I am an anti Britney, and I actually cant understand how you can like them both..but thats me,
What makes them so different: Lets see Xtina can actually sing..and Britney all. She only sells albums by acting like a skank..and gettin attention by hookin up with everyone no the red carpet. She is a fake..a liar..and Xtina is real...and is completley honest.
What makes them so similar: They are around the same age, they were both on the Mickey Mouse Club..and you could consider them both "sex symbols"

What are your opinions on.....
The way she dresses: i love her style...i actually dress like her myself <3
The fact that she writes her own songs: i respect her alot for that..not every artist has that talent
Her attitudes in life: god..its the best. i actually have a very similiar personality..and i look up to her for being just as gutsy and bold about everything!

Why do you really want to be in this community: I am in every xtina community i discover. I love to see and post pics and icons of her..and just meet people who love her just as much as I do.
What would you do to contribute to the community if accepted: pictures, news, etc.

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