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Name: Christina
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Date of birth: August 11, 1989

How long have you been a fan of Christina: Since the very begining
What do you like the most about her: I absolutely love her voice but I can also relate to her in so many ways. Her songs help me get through the day. Such as "Beautiful", and "I'm Okay".
Whats your favourite song and why: "I'm Okay" because I have an abusive father and it just reassures me that everything is going to be okay and so am I
Whats your favourite video and why: "Fighter" because it just rocks! All the costumes, hair, and make-up, it's just all fantastic!
How many of her singles have you brought and what ones: 2, GIAB, and Beautiful
How many of her albums do you have: 4
What ones: The Xmas one, Christina Aguilera, Just Be Free, Stripped
Have you heard her new song, Somebody's Somebody: Yep
If so what do you think of it: I love it!

How many posters do you have of her: 8, some I had made myself. I had to get pictures blown up.
Have you got any Christina merchandise: Yep
How do you as a person realate to her music: I have an abusive father and so did she which I think really makes me relate to her alot. It really sucks but to know that my idol had the same problem just makes me feel better because it's just one more thing I have in common with her. Her music is so strong, I listen to the entire CD every chance I get because I can relate to it so much.
Have you ever seen her live: No =(
If so how many times: -

Are you a Christina and Britney fan: No, just Christina
What makes them so different: I think Christina is more comfortable with expressing herself through sexuality. And Christina writes about real things that alot of people go through. For some reason, I just don't find any meaning in any of Britney's songs. I always buy Brits albums though. Lol. I have mad respect for her but I dunno. Lol.
What makes them so similar: THEIR DANCING! God I love the way they dance. They just let it all out. I couldn't do that if my life depended on it. =P I guess I'm just not that comfortable in my own skin.

What are your opinions on.....
The way she dresses: I love the way she dresses. She's so comfortable and she brings the meaning og "Girl" to a whole new level. I love how she just acts like herself and doesn't try to please anybody. I have such respect for her.
The fact that she writes her own songs: It's great! She writes about what she really feels. And she has a really great way of expressing herself because all of her songs are just great.
Her attitudes in life: I love her. When people were saying she had a sudden "weight gain", she just kept on dressing like herself. Although I think she looked fabulous. She always does. She's so positive in life and I love how she's fighting for respect for women everywhere.

Why do you really want to be in this community: Because I fucking LOVE Christina! And I feel that this is a place where I could really get to know some of her fans from all around the world and I won't get hated on. I say hated on because nobody at my school has any respect for her. I don't understand why but they just say she's a slut bag whore. I hate it. So of course I have to stick up for her and say she's not because it's true.
What would you do to contribute to the community if accepted: Post regularly, promote promote promote, and also post whenever I hear of any appearences or anything fo the sort. =]
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