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* Survey *

Name: Melissa Dawn Steele
Age: 17
Sex: Girl
Date of birth: September 30, 1986

How long have you been a fan of Christina: Well, I bought her first cd when it came out and everything but I wouldn't say I actually became a fan of hers until after she'd released all of the songs from that. It was kind of strange because my "obsession" with her kind of came out of nowhere. All of the sudden I just loved her.
What do you like the most about her: Above all my favourite thing about her is her musical ability but I also like how she reinvents herself to however she sees fit. I just think she's overly cool. And what an incredible performer.
Whats your favourite song and why: Wow... Hmmm I love dirrty, dreamy eyes, walk away and i turn to you but I think my all time favourite of hers is Soar. That is a really beautiful song. I love the lyrics so much. I quote that song all the time. Great song all around.
Whats your favourite video and why: Dirrty or Beautiful. They both are great. Beautiful speaks to me and Dirrty is just HOT and fun. They're both really different videos and songs but I cannot for the life of me choose between them!
How many of her singles have you brought and what ones: I don't buy singles. :x
How many of her albums do you have: 6 if you count that i have two copies of her first one ;]
What ones: "Christina Aguilera" "Mi Reflejo" "Just Be Free" "My Kind Of Christmas" "Stripped"
Have you heard her new song, Somebody's Somebody: yes
If so what do you think of it: I like it. I didn't know it was that new lol but I like it a lot. It's a good song. Pretty.

How many posters do you have of her: two.
Have you got any Christina merchandise: yeah. I've got some autographed pictures, dolls, pillow cases, cell phone cover, dvd, glossy pics, stickers, all that fun stuff from the concert that I bought that I can't really describe. Just a lil of everything.
How do you as a person relate to her music: I think she makes everything so inspiring because even if it's light and just something to dance to she just sings it with such power you know it means something... I can relate to different songs of hers at different times in my life but I think I always feel inspired by it.
Have you ever seen her live: yes
If so how many times: once, stripped/justified

Are you a Christina and Britney fan: yes, definitely a bigger christina fan but i still love brit!
What makes them so different: well, Christina likes to belt and get really into the vocal aspects of her music while Britney prefers doing some light vocal gymnastics but places more focus on the beats and rhythm in her music. Christina is a great singer and a really good dancer. Britney is a great dancer and a really good singer.
What makes them so similar: They're both around the same age, have been working for their fame for almost all of their lives and are really big inspirations for a vast majority of people. They're both beautiful and talented.

What are your opinions on.....
The way she dresses: I think it's cool, it's very reflective of who she is which is really cool. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't wear something that she does but that doesn't mean I don't like it. I think she has good fashion taste.
The fact that she writes her own songs: that's cool. I think it's good that she's getting in touch with another side of her musical ability.
Her attitudes in life: I think she has a really positive attitude and I think that if more people took on her attitude they would find they were happier. I think it's great that she's content with herself and her life and I hope that she inspires other people to feel the same way.

Why do you really want to be in this community: Because it's about time there was a cool little spot on livejournal for all the people who really love this girl! It's a great idea and I'd really like to be part of it!
What would you do to contribute to the community if accepted: Hopefully some pictures, graphics, icons, news and opinions about Christina but I know I can contribute another big fan to add to the bunch if nothing else!
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