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Name: Ramsey
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 1.22.86

How long have you been a fan of Christina: I fell in love in the very beginning. I remember watching the Genie In A Bottle video and thinking she was so beautiful and had an amazing voice. I liked the scenes of her video when she was lying on the beach.
What do you like the most about her: I like her in your face personality, and the fact that she has such a strong voice for a tiny girl. It makes you think that you can't dismiss someone because of what they look like or appear to be, and it forces you to realize that like Christina, great things can come in small packages.
Whats your favourite song and why: My favorite Xtina song is Walk Away, because it's beautifully sung, and the lyrics strike close to home.
Whats your favourite video and why: I love DIRRTY, because it's just so much fun and it's very controversial. I never NOT want to dance when I hear that song and watch that video. It screams to you DANCE! HAVE FUN!
How many of her singles have you brought and what ones: I don't own any singles because I download them (lol).
How many of her albums do you have: 2
What ones: Christina Aguilera and Stripped
Have you heard her new song, Somebody's Somebody: Yes, I downloaded it.
If so what do you think of it: It's steady, and soothing. Her voice is awesome. It reminds me of early 90's R&B.

How many posters do you have of her: None, but I am totally on the lookout. I'd love a DIRRTY poster.
Have you got any Christina merchandise: None.
How do you as a person realate to her music: I relate to the idea that she speaks the truth in what she thinks and sees, and isn't afraid of the consequences for the things she believes.
Have you ever seen her live: ALMOST! DAMN IT! But no... :(
If so how many times: None.

Are you a Christina and Britney fan: Not really. I think Christina is much better.
What makes them so different: Raw talent, something I don't believe Britney has.
What makes them so similar: Their innocence to an unforgiving media and society, and the love they have for their music and art.

What are your opinions on.....
The way she dresses: Daring, edgy and in your face. It dares you to look past it and see what's really there.
The fact that she writes her own songs: Awesome, it's one of the reasons why I love her so much. It makes her songs so much more real and heartfelt. Like we're listening to what she has to say about her experiences in life.
Her attitudes in life: Influential. She's a wonderful rolemodel, and I definitely look up to her.

Why do you really want to be in this community: To show my love for my girl.
What would you do to contribute to the community if accepted: I'd love to be Mod if possible.
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