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My survey

Date of birth:9-7-89

How long have you been a fan of Christina:I have been a fan of ms.aguilera since genie in a bottle. When I first heard the song, I thought it was catchy and up beat. It made me want dance.Even now I still listen to that song on her first cd because I love it so much

What do you like the most about her: I like how she doesn't care what other people think about her. I mean when the press saids'' oh you dress like a slut'' she laughs it off. On the Europe music awards she said how the dress she was wearing is going to be talked about by the critics. She is such a real girl and thats why I love her

Whats your favourite song and why:I have to say Fighter because the meaning of it is so inspirational. I mean she is becoming stronger and more of a fighter against the one who brought her down. I think it should be a anthemn to all young girls my age

Whats your favourite video and why:My favourite video is Voice within because it was beautifully shot in black and white. This video also showed christina natural without the make up. She looked stunning.

How many of her singles have you brought and what ones:I normally dont buy the singles but I think I got genie in a bottle because I loved the song and her cd wasnt coming out for another month or so and I couldnt wait to listen to it.

How many of her albums do you have: 3

What ones: Her debut album,Her Christmas album,and stripped

Have you heard her new song, Somebody's Somebody:Ya

If so what do you think of it:I really liked the song because it's about love. It really shows off her talent as a singer.It's a lovely song

How many posters do you have of her:I have a large poster of her debut album next to my bed. I got it 2 weeks after I got her album and havent tooken it down since

Have you got any Christina merchandise:Ya, I have two tee-shirts of her and the genie in a bottle doll.. I saw the doll in the toy store and was like this is so cool. It was dressed in like that jean outfit in the video with the brown top and when you pressed the back it played like 20 seconds of genie in a bottle.

How do you as a person realate to her music: I can relate because some of the songs she sings are what im going through right now like love and heartbreak. Her music can also be inspirational that lifts your spirit.

Have you ever seen her live:No,I was about to on the Justified Stripped tour when it came to la but I had sudden plans

If so how many times:0... hopefully that would change =)

Are you a Christina and Britney fan:I like both of them

What makes them so different: I guess the types of music they sing, Brits more of a pop singer but Christina more of a mix of hip-hop,r&b and pop. I love how she likes to experiment with the different types of generes of music

What makes them so similar: Their Determination. When they were younger , they both had a dream and did all they could to make it come true. The followed that dream and look where they are today =)

What are your opinions on.....
The way she dresses: Christina is having fun.. I mean she's 23, c'mon she's young.. I mean whats so wrong about having some fun.

The fact that she writes her own songs: That shows that she's not a fake bubble pop princess who has the label give them the corny baby I need you crap songs.. I mean she writes from the heart and soul. I respect her for expressing her self and not following the path being artifical

Her attitudes in life: Christina is a very opinionitive woman.I mean if she didnt speak her mind, we wouldnt respect her. She lives life to the fullest not afaird to say whats on her mind. I think we should do the same as christina

Why do you really want to be in this community:I want to be in this commuinty because I love christina. I respect her not only as a artist but as a indiviual. I want to meet fellow christina fans without getting critizied for liking her.

What would you do to contribute to the community if accepted: I think I would contribute a lot to this community would be photos,news(especially breaking news),rumors(which i hate but wanna see what you guys think of it),and myself =)
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